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Transform your Hymer Grand Canyon S


Better equip your Hymer Grand Canyon S with Dutchvanparts gear to go fully prepared on your adventures. You can dress your Hymer with the products you need. Upgrade the rear with a range of products such as the tire carrier, cargo ladder and boxes. Add a roof rack with flooring to create a rooftop terrace and carry your bulky equipment (when there is no pop-up roof). If you really want to take your van for an adventure make sure to get all terrain wheels so you can go beyond the winding roads.

Popular products for the Hymer Grand Canyon S

Roof Rack on your Hymer Grand Canyon S

Unlike most self-built campervans your Hymer Grand Canyon S will come with a standard roof layout. Usually, the van comes with one panorama roof vent in the front, a 40×40 roof vent in the rear, and a small vent above the bathroom on the left side of the van. The Dutchvanparts roof rack system allows you to build your roof rack around these vents. However this only works with campervans without a pop-top roof.

After placing the Dutchvanparts roof rails you can start adding the roof rack loop and floor decking by measuring the roof vents and space in between. This may also allow you to add solar panels to your van without drilling the sheet metal but by simply placing the solar profile set on the roof rails. However, note that there is not so much space left on your Hymer Grand Canyon S roof to add solar panels. There are multiple ways to compose the Dutchvanparts roof rack, you can compose your roof rack to fit best with your travels.

FAQ - Hymer Grand Canyon S

The Dutchvanparts roof rack fits on the Hymer Grand Canyon S without a pop top roof. The loop and flooring parts fit on the Hymer just like they fit on any other Sprinter van. However, the installation of the roof rails is more complex. Usually the roof rails are installed through the inside of the van. However, with the Grand Canyon S interior already in place, this is not an option. Therefore, the rails can be installed in another manner. This is not explained in the manual. Please make sure to contact us for possibilities before purchasing the roof rack.

The Dutchvanparts roof rails are required also for the Hymer Grand Canyon S to be able to mount the Dutchvanparts roof rack for mainly two reasons. First, the Dutchvanparts roof rails are much thicker than the OEM rails.  The roof of the van is round and higher in the middle than on the sides. Therefore, the floor beams won’t fit with the OEM rails. Secondly, the OEM rails are much shorter in length. The outer attachment brackets of the roof rack loop can’t be attached to the rails. This also means that fewer floor beams and/or solar panels would even fit in total.

The rear door windows of your Hymer Grand Canyon S can still open but won’t open all the way to be able to stay in the open position.

Almost all products fit on the Hymer Grand Canyon S.

The roof rack fits if there is no pop-op roof.

The rear exterior parts fit regularly.

The Overhead Shelf fits, however, the installation might be a little more difficult with some Hymer Grand Canyons due to the trim panel. Other interior parts won’t fit due to the already-fitted Hymer interior.

Wheels and rims fit similarly to other Sprinters.

Terrawagen products and Bravo Snorkels can be used for the Hymer Grand Canyon S similarly to other Sprinters.

Installations of the Dutchvanparts gear on your Hymer Grand Canyon S are possible. Please contact us for more information.

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