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Side Steps

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NEW: SIDE STEPS! for Mercedes Sprinter 2007 till present (4×4)

This product will be available from end December 2022.

We designed various side steps in the last years, and finally came up with the design and function of the Dutchvanparts steps.

Side steps are designed and built for the L2/140″ wheelbase. The steps also fits on L3/177′  van length.

The side steps come in a pair of two. The driver’s side provides a large, extra step at the front door only with tubes extending nearly to the rear wheel arch. This allows the side steps to be side ladder compatible. The drivers side has special brackets to allow the installation of an extra tank underneath the van.

The passenger’s side is a double step for both the front and sliding door. The tube extends all the way from the front doors to the rear wheel arch. The step of the side door is slightly smaller for any tight corners.

The side steps stay within the outer dimensions of the van (mirror distance). And they can also be changed in the overhang position. More towards or further away from the van.

The side steps are mounted with special steel brackets that extend to the frame rail of the van, so they are not only mounted on the side sills themselves.  There are 3 brackets on the driver’s side and 4 on the passenger side. The brackets will be mounted with blind rivet nuts in the steel frame of the van.

The sidesteps feature many options and are adjustable. The side steps can be adjusted in an overhang position of 20mm per side. This will give you the option to have the best visual depending on the tires on the van. The large openings in the sidesteps allow mud and snow to through the panels easily and therefore remain grip. The sidesteps are designed in a way to lose the minimum amount of ground clearance to have the best off-road experience.


Do these side steps also function as rock sliders?

They are designed to be lightweight and are not made from solid steel however small obstacles like rocks and wood does not harm your van as much anymore.

Will this also fit on 2WD vans?

Yes, however, a lift would be recommended.



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