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Cargo Frame

750,00 Inc. VAT

Extend the capabilities of your Cargo Ladder. The Cargo Frame, developed and tested for 2 years, lets you take more gear above your Tire Carrier and Cargo Box. With this rear setup, you utilize all the space on the back of your van.

On top of the Cargo Frame, you can mount the Thule Bike Carrier Proride 598 (in black for the best looks)  in combination with the Thule bike Arm Adapter to carry your bikes. Or you can take your skis by horizontally mounting a ski carrier.

The Thule Bike Carrier also has adapters for fatbikes. Bike and ski carriers are not included.

The following Dutchvanparts gear is required in order to install the Cargo Frame:

  • Cargo Ladder W906 or W907 (H1 orH2)
  • Tire Carrier W906 or W907

The Cargo Frame rests on your spare tire on the Tire Carrier. This is necessary to absorb heavy (bumpy or off-road) forces and shocks of driving. You can only carry gear on your Cargo Frame with the spare tire supporting the frame. The Cargo Frame is adjustable in its position on the Cargo Ladder depending on the size of your spare tire.

The Cargo Frame comes together with a reinforcement plate for the door. This Plate is mounted behind the Cargo Ladder. This plate helps to distribute the forces of opening and closing the door. Carrying our Dutchvanparts gear on the back of your van means you have to open and close the door with extra great care. Rather gently push to close the door than let it fall or throw it shut.

The maximum weight of the Cargo Frame is specified as 30KG, take in mind the specifications of the bike/ski holder you use. The Cargo Frame is not suitable for carrying heavy electronic bikes. In the case of a lightweight electronic bike that allows to remove the battery it can be placed on the Cargo Frame provided that the maximum weight is not exceeded.

Expected delivery 2-6 weeks.

Available on backorder