Roof Rack Package Deals

Roof Rack System

We found the following roof rack (flooring) systems most suitable for a large number of roof layouts. The roof rack is still adjustable to your needs. The flooring components can be changed in position and extra add-on options can be selected such as awning brackets, loop clamps, Maxtrax brackets, etc. However we also still offer separate components.


We have provided the example layouts with:

  • two 140Watt solar panels on a L2
  • three 140Watt solar panels on a L3

In the examples, the solar panels are positioned in the front of the roof rack. This is most convenient because in general people climb on the roof via the rear of the van. But in some cases for example you would rather position your roof vent (maxxfan) in the front of your van. Then you can position the flooring more towards the front and the solar panels in the back. All in all, you can position the flooring parts over the length of 300cm (roof rails length) to your needs and preference.


The 2022 models include a divisible loop and rails and can therefore be shipped. Because this system is more complex it adds to the price.